Solutions for all sectors: keeping schools connected

Penstone Communications has successfully installed a Mitel MiVoice 250 solution for Box Hill School in Surrey, making it now possible to communicate and link up outlying  classrooms and office buildings on the campus to the main school.

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Tevo and ready to go

We’ve just had Tevo racking systems installed in every one of our company vans.

These clever storage and racking solutions (designed and produced in the UK) mean that all our parts are kept in the pristine state you’d expect. Furthermore, we’re able to have the right part to hand every time; so we truly are a one-stop-shop […]

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Solutions for all sectors: keeping residential houses connected

Penstone Communications has been awarded the installation and maintenance contract for a new telecommunications system at one of North London’s most prestigious and expensive houses to be sold to date.

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Protecting your business just got easier

Our product portfolio has just expanded to include CCTV, which means you can be sure that your business is properly protected by having the latest surveillence systems  brought to your premises by Penstone’s reliable installers.

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Mobile’s 30th Birthday

Love them or hate them, it’s thirty years since Michael Harrison made the first mobile phone call on New Year’s Day 1985, using a handset attached to a battery pack the size and weight of a briefcase!

Michael, son of the former chairman of Vodafone, Sir Ernest Harrison, made the call to his father soon after […]

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