Why Mitel ?

What is a SIP trunk?

SIP (or Session Initiation Protocol) – also known as SIP trunking – is our market-leading and cost-effective replacement for traditional ISDN.  It connects your ‘ PBX’ telephone system to the PSTN network via a managed broadband or leased line Ethernet or private circuit network

Can I have SIP Trunking in my business?

Any business with a PBX […]

No more engaged tones for GP Practices.

Penstone recognise that healthcare organisations require improved communications to provide exceptional service to patients and one way of doing this is to answer all calls that you receive and if necessary queue the patient call until the receptionist or admin team are free.

With advances in technology we now have the ability to answer and queue […]

Fashion businesses are profiting from using virtual websites and phone numbers in a country toll-free, helping them to expand their customer base, cut costs and have a strong local presence.

Fashion businesses are profiting from using virtual websites and phone numbers in a country toll-free, helping them to expand their customer base, cut costs and have a strong local presence.

The aim is to use their e-businesses to create a direct relationship between their brands and consumers, allowing buyers to have peace of mind when it comes to placing orders, […]

Companies that pay attention to customer care gain more than them giving you repeat business.

Companies that pay attention to customer care gain more than them giving you repeat business. Customers who feel cherished by firms they buy goods or services from are also likely to spread the word about how well these businesses treated them. If small businesses want to succeed in a competitive world, they’ll need to go the extra mile when […]

Telephone service providers BT and Sky are switching their entire network of digital customers to the latest version of Internet Protocol addresses.

The announcement of the move follows news that the American Registry for Internet Numbers has already run out of the old-style addresses – known as IPv4 numbers – meaning businesses in North America will either have to buy them from another source or use a new IPv6 number.

Every machine connected to the internet has a unique number […]

We live in an age when everyone expects answers straight away – it’s good to talk

We’ve the ability to send holiday snaps at the click of a button, order a takeaway online and even develop long-distance relationships via digital communication. In other words, the world has not only got much smaller in many ways, it’s become much more convenient.

But when it comes to customer service, face-to- face communication has long been considered the best […]

NO MORE BT ISDN LINES … the end of an era!

BT have said that they are switching off their popular ISDN digital telephone network by the middle of the next decade. This service is used by hundreds of thousands of businesses from smaller SME’s to large multi national companies.

But what does that mean for the organisations that depend on the 3.2 million ISDN channels still being used in the UK?

We […]

Great breaking news!!!

Free calls to all 0800 numbers from mobile phones as of 1 st  July 2015 …

Ofcom have changed the way in which mobile users get charged for calls to 0800 number. At present mobile users are currently pay a high call cost to call an 0800 number and most of the time the call charge is unknown and […]

investment in digital predicted

According to research conducted by Santander Corporate & Commercial, UK SMEs will spend £53bn jointly in the coming two on their digital connectivity and capabilities.

The survey reveals that over the past year, the average UK SME has committed / invested £33K in their digital capacity and intend to spend a further £28K in the next […]