good-to-talkWe’ve the ability to send holiday snaps at the click of a button, order a takeaway online and even develop long-distance relationships via digital communication. In other words, the world has not only got much smaller in many ways, it’s become much more convenient.

But when it comes to customer service, face-to- face communication has long been considered the best way to build a relationship with your clients. But when they are spread all over a city, country, continent or even the world, the telephone is the next best thing for building trust.

When a customer phones your business they expect to speak to a human being. How many times have you experienced the frustration of hunting for a contact number and only coming up with an email address or contact form on a website?

When it comes to customer care, sending a message into cyberspace doesn’t suffice.

This is because verbal communication can convey so much more than the words used. The tone of voice you use cannot be replicated in writing, and the fact a one- to-one conversation can generate an instant response gives talking a significant advantage over social media or any other form of written communication.

Sending tweets can help get the attention of a customer service assistant, but can the problem really be fixed via direct messaging? Although Twitter can be a good tool for instant reactions when you’ve been treated badly or need a query answered, it doesn’t replace speaking to someone on the phone.

What’s more, there’s nothing like a phone call when it comes to asking complex questions.

The development of online communication means we can now check our bank balance, buy home insurance (and receive a free toy) and even view a house for sale without speaking to another human being.

But your customers seek instant gratification and if there’s no way for them to speak with you, then you could be missing out on the best chance you have to make a connection. Providing personal customer service and a convenient way for customers to call you remains a small detail that makes a big difference.

All the powerful social technologies at our fingertips make us more connected, but more disconnected than ever before. We interact at breakneck speed through social media, yet it’s even better to talk.

Every business, large or small, can take the initiative in generating a customer’s trust by offering them a way of contacting you that doesn’t cost any money – using 0800 or Toll-free numbers either within the UK or overseas as a marketing or contact number for your business sends out a clear message to your customers that their business is so important to you that you are prepared to pay for their call.

Not only that, the range of toll-free numbers now available means that this message can be spread to customers all over the world. For more information about how your business could be using 0800 or toll-free numbers to generate customer trust in the UK and overseas contact Penstone Communications today on 0800 074 4414 In case you we wondering, we are happy to accept email enquiries but we think it’s best to talk.