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DMS 2400

DMS 2400 is a high-performance appliance with a processing capacity for up to 24 IP video channels. In conjunction with the dedicated software SMAVIA Recording Server it is the best and cascadable IP security solution. It is a stand-alone device and can be installed in a 19″ rack using the optionally available 19″ bracket.

Dallmeier surveillance cameras

High quality and high resolution surveillance cameras form the first element of a complete video surveillance system and therefore have to be chosen particularly carefully.

For every security concept Dallmeier offers the right model from the range of box, dome or PTZ cameras (analogue, IP or HD) or Panomera.

The Dallmeier HD (High Definition) surveillance cameras have been developed specifically for security applications and are characterised by the highest image quality, a high dynamic range and an outstanding control mode.

These cameras offer the highest colour fidelity and richness of detail, while the bit rate still remains low – these are undeniably major advances for the use in a security system.

Key features of the Dallmeier HD network cameras:

  • HD (High Definition) IP cameras
  • Highest image quality
  • H.264 standard for highly efficient video compression
  • Specifically developed for security applications
  • Made in Germany: Developed and manufactured by Dallmeier

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Dallmeier Camera
Dallmeier Camera
Dallmeier Camera

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